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Top iPad Game Apps: MultiPong Takes on Reigning Angry Birds HD

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Every week, FingerGaming rounds up the most popular paid and free iPad applications, as current that day on the iTunes App Store. This week’s top paid titles are:

  1. Angry Birds HD ($4.99)
  2. MultiPong for iPad ($2.99)
  3. Scrabble for iPad ($9.99)
  4. Pinball HD ($2.99)
  5. Plants vs. Zombies HD ($9.99)
  6. Words With Friends HD ($2.99)
  7. GT Racing: Motor Academy HD ($9.99)
  8. Flight Control HD ($4.99)
  9. Veggie Samurai HD ($2.99)
  10. Tunnel Shoot ($0.99)

Clickgamer’s Angry Birds HD leads iPad game sales following a recent content-expanding update. Febo Studio’s MultiPong for iPad enters the chart this week at second place, as Scrabble for iPad finishes third.

Last week’s second-place title GT Racing: Motor Academy HD drops to seventh place in today’s results, as Pinball HD and Plants vs. Zombies move up into the top five.

The absence of a native iPad version of the popular Fruit Ninja allows QuantumSquid’s clone title Veggie Samurai to take ninth place in today’s results. Firemint’s Flight Control HD continues to see impressive sales at eighth place, while Backflip Studios’ debuting Tunnel Shoot finishes up the chart at tenth.

Here are this week’s top free iPad applications:


  2. HD Brick Breaker Free
  3. Real Solitaire Free for iPad
  4. Meteor Blitz HD Free
  5. Isaac Newton’s Gravity HD
  6. Harbor Master HD
  7. Rhythm Racer 2 HD
  8. Tap Tap Radiation
  9. MixxMuse Arcade HD
  10. Modern Conflict HD Lite

Daimler AG’s Mercedes-Benz promotional racer SLS AMG HD heads the free iPad game charts this week, pushing last week’s top download HD Brick Breaker Free to second place.

A free demo version of Alley Labs’ shooter Meteor Blitz HD trails behind Real Solitaire Free at fourth place. Harbor Master HD returns to the top ten to lead over newcomer Rhythm Racer 2 HD, while Tap Tap Radiation beats MixxMuse Arcade HD for eighth place.

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Hi. I’m a Mac.

So the PC-guy has been nagging on me for not lifting my weight in this thing. And since he has agreed to stop stick-poking me if I write something, here I am.

I thought I’d write a little bit about who I am, and the things I’m looking forward to.

First of all, let’s get one thing out of the way: my modest setup.

I own a 2008 model 2.1GHz MacBook with 4 GB’s of RAM, which I love. Not because someone at some Infinite Loop in Cupertino says I have to. I also have a PS3, which is my primary gaming device. I’ve bought an Apple Mouse (though I never use it, because the trackpad on this thing is awesome). I own a 32GB iPod Touch, but I’ll replace it with an iPhone 4, once that’s out.

As for the software we’re making here I’m not in the games department, I don’t know how, but I want to learn. The things I’ll be posting here will lie more in the utilities section. I’m working my way through the Stanford CS193P iPhone programming course, and I’ll be posting some of my solutions to the assignments.

I’m looking forward to the iPhone 4 and its accompanying iOS 4. Also I hear Xcode 4 is awesome.

Some games I’m looking forward to:

  • Red Dead Redemption, which I’ve just received via mail :)
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Looks really cool.
  • Infamous 2. I loved the first one.
  • Uncharted 3, it’s not announced, but a man can dream though. A man can dream.

So let’s wrap things up, you can follow me on twitter: @kaspth. I don’t have many followers, so there’s room for everyone. That’s it. Thanks for reading.

Oh, and I had a tiny nerdgasm when I saw the new Mac Mini.

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